We are a small family farm growing Certified Naturally Grown produce for our local community. The food we raise is within 1 hour of our customers. This will be our 20th season as a CSA Farm (Community Supported Agriculture) and Farm Stand. In addition to produce we also raise Free - Range Eggs, Natural Pork, Free - Range Turkey, and Goats. All animals are raised in good conditions with alot of space to live and in a humane manner. We truly believe healthy food creates healthy people!
A Bit About the Farm - We are located on the St. Charles Mesa about 5 miles East of Pueblo in the fertile Arkansas River Valley. This farm was homesteaded in the 1890's, our farming experience began in 1993. Diverse produce crops, cover crops, animals, and compost maintain our commitment in building fertile soil and promote a healthy growing environment.
A majority of our produce are "Heirloom" varieties - seeds that have a great history and have been carried down through the ages from the 16th and 17th centuries when "taste" and not "shelf life" was the most important aspect. You may find "Cherokee Purple Tomatoes" and "Ali Baba Watermelon".
 Our CSA Program is one of the oldest operating CSA Farms in Colorado (since 1993) and serves both the Pueblo and Colorado Springs regions. We aim to keep our farm small enough to be personable, leave room for up & coming generation of farmers, and just the right size to offer you many choices.
We hope to be hearing from you soon!
Ryan and Family at Country Roots Farm
Welcome to our Family Farm!
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2014 Season and CSA
(updated 9-07-14)
Please see Fall Share information page.

Free-Range Eggs
Can be purchased year 'round. Call or email 24 -48 hours ahead of time to reserve these special eggs.